Education & trainings

We offer continuing education in the form of seminars and part-time evening courses. At all three CHEMPARK sites, in some cases also virtually, and in a wide range of topics, you can book the course that will help you advance in your career directly online in the education catalog. In addition, CURRENTA is your contact for individual training concepts.


Our offering includes current topics such as digitalization, HSEQ, leadership and communication, production, and seminars for trainers.

Evening classes

In addition to the job, CURRENTA offers advanced training courses to become an IHK Industriemeister (Chamber of Industry and Commerce) in the chemical, pharmaceutical, metal and electrical engineering industries, a production specialist in the chemical industry, a Wirtschaftsfachwirt (business administrator) or a Technischer Betriebswirt (technical business administrator).

Fire protection training

In the service of individual safety and hazard prevention, the site fire department at the CHEMPARK also provides in-house training, education and safety training.

Evening classes
Day training courses
Training hours

Training as a first aider

In the courses you will be taught basic first aid measures. After completing the course, you will be able to act as an immediate/first-aider at the scene of an accident. Here you will learn knowledge and skills to be able to help correctly in almost any emergency in your leisure time and profession.

Please remember that the first aid certificate must be refreshed every 2 years (deadline 24 months) by attending a first aid training course.

For training as a
First Aider
Refresher course for
First Aider

Training as a safety officer

What does the safety officer actually have to do? As a safety officer, am I responsible for occupational health and safety? How do I find my way around the numerous legal regulations? What methods do I have to improve safety in my company? Where are the accident black spots in my company? How do I motivate my colleagues? These and similar questions will be answered at the seminar.

The following dates are available for training as a safety officer. These dates are exclusively for newly appointed safety officers.

There are currently no available dates.