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Access information for visitors

Your first time at CHEMPARK? What you should know ...

Free parking is available for visitors.

We offer a free shuttle service from the visitor reception to your host and back.

Entry with your own car is only possible in a few exceptional cases (e.g. transport of bulky samples).

Always arrive with a little advance notice and take advantage of pre-registration to reduce potential waiting times. More about this in the information for visitors in the download. More about this in the information for visitors in the download.

For identification you need on site:

Process animation: Access to the CHEMPARK for visitors

Animated safety briefing for visitors


- directions and everything you need to know for CHEMPARK visitors -

Access information for receiving visitors

Receiving visitors for the first time? You should know ...

Visitors are persons from outside the CHEMPARK aged 14 and over who visit a CHEMPARK site - on a one-off or occasional basis - at the invitation of a "permanent resident of the CHEMPARK" (employee with a valid CHEMPARK ID card).

Visitors do not receive any remuneration or other financial compensation for their stay at the CHEMPARK.

When your visitor arrives, a member of the visitor reception staff will call you. You must then be available to confirm the expected visit. The visitor will then be brought to you by our shuttle service.

Visitors receive a visitor's pass for the duration of their stay. However, they must be accompanied on the CHEMPARK site at all times by a CHEMPARK employee.

Children between the ages of 6 and 14 are only admitted to the CHEMPARK for special events and must always be under constant supervision/accompanied by instructed company employees and a parent or guardian.

Children under 6 years of age are generally not admitted.

Process animation: Access to the CHEMPARK for visiting recipients

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