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Assemblers / craftsmen / technicians

Day passes for assemblers / craftsmen / technicians

Info for order managers
Info for assemblers / craftsmen / technicians
Info for registration of weekend, public holiday and night work
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This is what you need to know as the person responsible for the order at the CHEMPARK

The day pass

assemblers / craftsmen / technicians without a contractor's pass can carry out minor work at the CHEMPARK with a day pass.

Day passes can be issued for the period between 06:00 and 20:00 on working days and allow access only on the day the order is carried out.

Register before (fastest processing)

The easiest way is to pre-register the service provider(s) by e-mail to the site security. Simply complete the check-in form in full and sign it. When the service provider(s) arrives at the gate location, you do not have to worry about anything.

Also possible: Check-in without advance notificationMore info

When is a permit necessary?

If the service provider is to take company property belonging to a company based in the CHEMPARK out of the CHEMPARK, an authorised employee of the company in the CHEMPARK must issue a pass for presentation at the gate.

How to reach us

Please send the documents (PDF) collectively and no later than 2.00 p.m. 1 working day before the appointment, to the plant security of the corresponding location:

Check-in at the gate

Day passes for assemblers / craftsmen / technicians activities also possible without advance notification


Upon arrival of the service provider(s) at the gate, the check-in form must be completely and correctly filled in. Anything that has not already been filled in in advance must be done by the assembler / craftsman / technician on site. In case of false or incomplete information, admission will not be possible.

Also consider:

When the service provider arrives at the gate, a security guard will call you. It is then imperative that you are available to confirm, as the person responsible for the order, that the work is expected to be carried out. Otherwise, admission is not possible.

Day passes for assemblers / craftsmen / technicians

What you need to know as a assembler / craftsman / technician

The quickest way to check in is to have your CHEMPARK order manager register you in advance. Feel free to ask her/him about it. But it also works spontaneously.

Sie brauchen zwingend ein amtliches Ausweisdokument und ggf. einen Aufenthaltstitel plus Arbeitsgenehmigung.

We may accept the following as official identification documents

You must present the check-in form fully completed.

You must be able to specify that:

The check-in form and the supplement are available in the gate office or here for download:

When is a tool registration certificate necessary?

Tools, IT equipment or materials with a value of more than EUR 500 may only be exported from the CHEMPARK if the ownership situation has been clarified beyond doubt. Outside companies bringing their own equipment must therefore register it before entering the CHEMPARK. You will then receive security seals at the gate to clearly identify your equipment. It is best to send us the tool registration form in advance with the check-in form. That way it's quicker at the gate.

Check-in at the gate

You will only be admitted if you understand and accept the safety briefing and the safety and order regulations at the CHEMPARK.

Animated safety briefing for assemblers / craftsmen / technicians at the CHEMPARK

Most important items in a nutshell

Requirements for successful delivery/collection at the CHEMPARK

Person responsible for the order at the CHEMPARK

Assemblers / craftsmen / technicians (external company or its subcontractors)

The registration process at a glance:

Registration in advance

(1 working day before arrival by 2.00 p.m. at the latest)

Ask the person responsible for your order in the
CHEMPARK that he/she registers you with the site security.
The check-in form, a completion guide and other
detailed information on the process and the
will find security here:

Arrival at the gate


Entry into the factory and check-out

You are not allowed to

Take tools, materials or IT equipment into the CHEMPARK without registering them on the check-in form before entering.
Take tools, materials or IT equipment out of the CHEMPARK for which you do not have a company permit or which you have not registered in advance.
Driving your own vehicle to the CHEMPARK if this is not necessary to transport the required tools or materials.

Zusätzliche Anforderungen, wenn Arbeiten von Fremdfirmen an Wochenenden, Feiertagen oder nachts durchgeführt werden sollen

Arbeiten außerhalb des werktäglichen Zeitfensters von 06:00 bis 20:00 Uhr müssen grundsätzlich beim Werkschutz angemeldet werden.

Das gilt auch, falls die Mitarbeiter*innen der durchführenden Fremdfirma über einen eigenen CHEMPARK-Ausweis verfügen. Die Ausweise sind nur im werktäglichen Zeitfenster freigeschaltet.

Die vollständig ausgefüllte Anmeldung muss vom auftragsdurchführenden Unternehmen und vom Auftragsverantwortlichen im CHEMPARK unterschrieben sein.

Die Anmeldung muss dem Werkschutz fristgerecht per E-Mail gesendet werden:

  • Wochenendarbeiten bis spätestens Freitag 16:00 Uhr
  • Feiertagsarbeiten bis 16:00 Uhr des Vortags
  • Nachtarbeiten bis 17:00 am Vortag des Arbeitsbeginns